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Work Experience: Genevieve Tocci has been a curatorial assistant at the Harvard University Herbaria since 2003. She has experience with vascular plant collections, mounting of herbarium specimens, integrated pest management, and cryptogamic specimens. She primarily works with the fungi, algae, and bryophytes in the Farlow Herbarium (FH). Genevieve beta tested, and helped implement and write documentation for, two collections management databases in the past 12 years. She has also spend extensive time working on the wiki used at the HUH.

Professional Affiliations: Genevieve has been a participant with the Integrated Pest Management Working Group (IPM-WG) almost annually since 2008. She has been a member of SPNHC since 2012 and in 2015 joined the Best Practices committee.

Other Interests/Expertise: In addition to working on a wiki through her job, Genevieve has spent considerable time using wikis on her MIT Mystery Hunt team, the Grand Unified Theory of Love. Besides wikis, puzzle hunts, and herbaria, she enjoys knitting, hiking, playing ultimate frisbee, reading, playing board or video games, and knitting. She knits a lot.

You can also find her on twitter as GenevieveTocci, though she is not especially interesting.