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Statement of Purpose

This page is a finding aid for users to discover information about software resources relevant to the SPNHC community. This includes but is not limited to collections/content management systems, specimen digitization tools, and tools designed to facilitate specimen-based research. Many of the resources below have been presented in SPNHC DemoCamp, a venue at the Society's annual meeting for software developers, biodiversity informaticians, digitization professionals, and collection managers to convene and share innovative approaches for the use of technology to enhance the management and use of natural history collections. See also the wiki page on Digitization for related information.

This page is not a primary repository of information about any of the resources included in the list below. This means that no files (media or otherwise) should be uploaded to this wiki in support of the text. If in doubt, link out!

Software Resources

The list of resources here includes both open source and proprietary software operating on both free and paid sustainability models. SPNHC does not endorse any of the resources included in the list below, and anyone is welcome to add resources that fall within the scope define in the Statement of Purpose.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to this page! If you do, please add yourself to this list of existing contributors: Erica Krimmel, Jason Best, Cat Chapman.