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Statement of Purpose

This page is produced by the Biodiversity Crisis Response Committee as a page of resources of use to collections to showcase how they can be used to address conservation and biodiversity crisis themes as a tool to increase advocacy for collections in general. If you know of any resources that would be of use that we should add, please contact the committee.


Our collections and research contribute directly to regional, national, and international assessments of rare and endangered species, the compilation of checklists, floras and faunas, and taxonomic, phylogenetic, evolutionary, and ecological research. Our collections form a global biodiversity baseline that is critical to tracking and predicting the effects of climate change on people and on the natural world. They are also invaluable in the mitigation of spread of disease and pandemic response. In June 2019, the Biodiversity Crisis Response Committee of SPNHC formed in response to an urgent call to action to prevent the loss of close to one million species in what is being called an international ‘biodiversity crisis’ that will change the face of the planet.


Biodiversity Crisis Response Committee


On October 7, 2020, the committee held the first in a series of panel discussions with conservation experts to consider how the biological collections community can most effectively contribute to protecting biodiversity. A recording of that meeting can be found here:

There was also an article written in the GfBS Newsletter (39:6-9) of the German Society for Biological Systematics introducing the committee and its charge

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