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The purpose of the Best Practices Committee is to assemble and disseminate best practices associated with natural history collection care and to provide infrastructure that allows the development and evolution of best practices in response to innovations within the field. By initiating and hosting web-based discussion forums, organizing workshop meetings and special interest groups, initiating new sessional committees, and participating in wider community initiatives, SPNHC will continue to take the lead in promoting best practices across natural history collections care.

Committee Members

Up-to-date membership for committee.


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Leadership: two co-chairs

Membership: At minimum, 10 members representing the diverse backgrounds and disciplines in the natural history field (including but not limited to preservation, conservation, digitization, and collections management), but size can vary depending on needs

Committee Goals:

  1. Assemble content associated with the preservation, conservation and management of natural history collections from both society members and published resources
  2. Standardize content for dissemination to society members
  3. Develop technology-based ways to present and promote content to society members
  4. Encourage discussion on ways to improve the preservation, conservation and management of natural history collections through technology-based platforms, social media, and SPNHC sessions and workshops at annual meetings
  5. Develop partnerships with other organizations and institutions to collaborate on the development of best practices for the community

Subcommittees: Subcommittees of the Best Practices Committee include Citations, and the addition of ad hoc committees as necessary

Citations Subcommittee Purpose: To assemble and distribute relevant literature related to best practices and the history of past practices in natural history

Citations Subcommittee Leadership: one chair, who can solicit interested members

Citations Subcommittee: At minimum, 5 members, but size can vary depending on needs

Committee Documents

BEST PRACTICES – what does that imply?

Best Practices Committee Description from the Leadership Manual