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The function of the web committee is the following:

  1. support the mission, goals, and activities of the society;
  2. provide and solicit appropriate content for the web pages;
  3. present that content in a timely and user friendly manner;
  4. encourage the development of new ways to present content;
  5. take advantage of relevant social media to encourage more interaction between members and provide an invaluable resource of collections related information to members at all stages of their careers.

Committee Members

Up-to-date membership for committee.

Best Practices

Consensus Documents

Social Media Posting Strategies

Review Documents

Best Content for Webpages

How to Create a Wiki page


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Committee Members

Up-to-date membership for committee.

Committee Documents

Web Committee Description from the Leadership Manual

File:Social Media Posting Suggestions.pdf

Committee Minutes 2013

Committee Minutes 2012